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  • What can I expect after the treatment?
    Most clients leave the appointment with no redness. The numbing solution used during the appointment helps to control any swelling or redness which means you can continue your day with no funny looks or questions. Clients even come on their lunch hour and return to work directly after the appointment. Your results will vary depending on skin type, lifestyle and the immediate and long-term aftercare of your new tattoo.
  • Is permanent makeup painful ?
    Everybody has a different level of pain tolerance but most clients are completely comfortable and relaxed during the appointment. You may feel slight discomfort but the results will far outweigh this. You may take Tylenol prior to the appointment but not aspirin. A highly effective numbing solution is applied before and during the treatment to keep you feeling as comfortable as possible. Clients have compared the sensation to tweezing or threading your eyebrows. Some clients even nap their way to perfect brows!
  • I have a previous tattoo/microblading can you tattoo over or fix them? Will it be a touch-up?
    It is advised to email us with clear pictures for approval first, before booking your appointment. The tattoo must be VERY faded in order to work over or corrected. Working over other artists work is often times more work than working on a blank canvas and for that reason we DO NOT touch-up other artist’s work for touch-up pricing. **Extra fees will apply if color correction is needed.
  • How long is the appointment?
    Appointments are booked on a 3–4-hour basis, allowing for thorough consultation and treatment. Tattooing time varies for each treatment.
  • Will I need a touch up after my initial appointment? How long will my new brows last?
    Most clients require 2 sessions to have their brows perfected. Touch up appointments can be made 4 weeks after your initial appointment. Clients with fuller brows may not need a touch-up. Annual touch-ups are highly recommended to maintain fresh looking results. Your brow tattoo can last 1-3 years depend on sun exposure, lifestyle and skin type. Oily skin types tend to fade faster than dry skin types.
  • Which brow service will give me the most natural look and/or most suitable for me?
    This depends on the client’s existing brow hairs! Vanessa will discuss which method is most natural/ suitable for you.
  • Is it safe if I am pregnant
    Permanent cosmetics are not safe for women who are pregnant or nursing.
  • Do you use clean needles?
    Every client has a new, sterile, single use needle. At the beginning of the treatment, you can observe the needles being taken out of a sterile pre-packed casing. On completion of the treatment, the needles are placed into a sharps container and then disposed of correctly. Vanessa is fully licensed, certified, insured as well as Alberta health service inspected and approved, having met and exceeded all requirements for aesthetic and tattoo health services. Vanessa has also been certified in blood borne pathogens.
  • What is the difference between Microblading and Nano Brows?
    Nano Brows is the next generation of microblading. The technique of Nano Brows uses a tattoo machine to inject the pigment into the skin, because the Nano technique does not cut the skin. It is less invasive and is a less traumatic technique for the skin in comparison to the microblading technique.
  • What can I expect during my appointment?
    We begin by mapping out your new brow design with makeup and use various measuring devices to create ideal symmetry between both eyebrows. Experience and continuing education play a crucial role in choosing the correct needle size for each client’s specific skin type as well as correct colour choice for each skin tone. We can also test colour choice against your skin so you can see it prior to the procedure. A numbing solution is used during the procedure to ensure the appointment is as comfortable as possible for the client. ​The 2–3-hour appointment is extremely interactive to help keep clients’ nerves at rest. Healing is a simple process. There is no scabbing, no need to hide or take time off work, no down time at all. Clients are sent home with an aftercare kit and instructions to follow for 10 days post treatment.
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